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My signature designs are using a button as a clasp. Each bracelet is stitched very securely so as not to break or ravel. In each description I have provided a final wrist measurement in help with purchase.
I have used a variety of bead stitches in creating my bracelets. Each type of stitch is provided in the individual bracelet description.


My designs use a variety of bead stitches. Each necklace stitch type and description is noted with length.


Earrings: <need to write>

Broaches: <need to write>

Breakage in Jewelry

What if I break a necklace or bracelet? Can it be repaired? In most cases you should be able to have it repaired locally in your community. If you seek my help, I can repair any of my work for a low fee. Description of what went wrong can be texted or emailed to me with a photo. So I can give a quote and get back with you.

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