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Paintings are individually described with what media I have used; oils, acrylic or water- based inks and/or paints. Oils and Acrylics are painted with brushes and/or palette knives on canvas. Each work is an original, unique piece of art. Some pieces are not framed because they are canvas wrapped, which is a gallery stretched canvas with finished edges. I have finished the canvas edge so it's ready to be hung or can be framed.

My paintings are created outside or in my studio. I have noted if a piece has been painted Plein Air (Plein air is a French expression meaning “open air” that refers to creating a work of art outside).

You can purchase my original impressionist painting with a frame or without. I supply all canvas framed oil paintings with a black frame without glass. I sell my canvas paintings without a frame at a discount of $25 which is made at the time of purchase. You can then frame it as you wish. My Chinese paintings are mounted under glass.

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